• Life is happening at
    the water’s edge

Bayfront Access and Waterways

A series of long, interconnected waterways will weave their way through SweetBay offering stunning scenery for sunset jogs or hand-holding by the water. If being out on the water is more your style, the Boathouse in North Bay is the launchpad for canoes, kayaks and stand-up paddleboards all year long.

University Academy (UA)

University Academy (UA) is the cornerstone of our first neighborhood. UA is a top-rated free public charter school for K-8 students, with expansion plans through 8th grade. The school’s research-based approach, innovative programs, and instruction help focus on the individual learner. UA is the 1st public school in the district to include Singapore Math as its core math curriculum, and in 2014 assessments, 97% of 4th graders met the state standard in mathematics, placing UA 1st in the district.

Trails and Pathways

Miles of trails and pathways join the community together, so you’re free to make your own morning run route or bayside bike tour. You’ll find interesting spaces and landmarks if you wander for five minutes in any direction at SweetBay, from quiet parks to sweet suburban scenes.


Whatever neighborhood you choose, you’re just a short stroll from green grass. That means lots of football tossing, kids playing, and leisurely afternoon picnics. Our parks are gathering spaces, nestled among homes and waterways, natural invitations to unwind, watch the clouds go by or catch up with neighbors and friends.

Future Town Center

Destined to be the hub for your morning latte, weekly grocery run and Friday date night. This envisioned community space will have a central boulevard to saunter down with shops and cafes to discover. You will be able to make the most of the SweetBay life in style.


Academy Park, our first neighborhood, will have a refreshing and relaxing pool with lots of shade and outdoor furniture. Poolside lounging with ice-cold popsicles? Yes, please.

Healthy living. Southern-style.

SweetBay is immersed in healthy living, higher learning, natural beauty and community connection. The bayfront village is designed to inspire natural and relaxed living with a dash of Southern charm. It’s got all the makings of a friendly neighborhood with everything you need just a short walk away.

There are pathways, nearby hiking trailsnearby parks, waterways, swimmable shores, numerous parks and neighborhood pools, and a planned shopping district arriving in the near future.