General Information

What is SweetBay?

SweetBay is a new master-planned community in Panama City, Florida currently being developed on the land that was formerly the Bay County International Airport. The community is currently selling homes in its first phase and is planned to grow to approximately 3,000 homes over the next 15 to 20 years. SweetBay is envisioned to include a Town Center with retail, eateries, grocery, and office space. The community is designed with numerous parks and community pools, miles of trails, and access to the waters of North Bay.

What is the history of SweetBay?

SweetBay is being developed on land that is rich in history. Owned by the Atkinson family in the early 1930s, it was donated to the Panama City Chamber of Commerce as an airfield. In the late 1930s the terminal was built and it was renamed Fannin Field after the mayor at the time. The airport underwent a major redevelopment in 1995 as the Panama City – Bay County International Airport (PFN). In 2011, the airport was relocated and the land was sold to the St. Andrew Bay Land Company.

Who is developing SweetBay?

SweetBay is being developed by the St. Andrew Bay Land Company, owned by HomeFed Corporation (HOFD).

How big is SweetBay?

The community is approximately 700 acres, offering plenty of room to grow as the neighborhoods of SweetBay take shape.

How many homes will be built and what is the projected build-out?

The community is anticipated to grow over the next 15 to 20 years and designed to include approximately 3,000 homes.

Will there be rentals built at SweetBay?

Yes, we expect that rental homes may be included in a future neighborhood of SweetBay.

Will there be townhomes, condominium buildings or high-rises built?

Future phases may contain a mix of home types, but all buildings will be less than 100 feet tall. There will not be any high rise buildings in SweetBay.

How many acres of open space and natural areas will be preserved?

Preservation of the natural beauty of the land and surrounding waters is a primary pillar in the community’s design. To that end, over 140 acres of open space are designed in both passive and active forms. Seventy-three acres have already been preserved through a conservation easement encompassing much of approximately 5 miles of bay frontage.

Tell me more about the parks and recreational amenities planned for SweetBay.

The first neighborhood of SweetBay, Academy Park, includes 5 community parks. In the future, there will be pools, hiking and biking trails, including paths along the water, as well as other community amenities. Creating accessible trails and parks for resident gatherings and recreation is a top priority as the community develops.

Town Center

What types of stores and/or restaurants will there be in the Town Center?

A future neighborhood of SweetBay is planned as a vibrant town center with a local feel. A grocery store is envisioned and we are hopeful to attract a mix of retail shops, restaurants, office space, and other services including a gym and day care center.

Where is the nearest hospital? Grocery store? Shopping mall?

SweetBay is located in close proximity to hospitals, shopping, entertainment and more. Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center is a mere 2.5 miles away, and Bay Medical Center is only 4.6 miles away. Publix and Winn Dixie are the closest grocery stores, both located less than 2 miles from the community. The closest shopping mall, Panama City Mall, is a short 3.8 miles away.

Academy Park, SweetBay’s First Neighborhood

What will be the total number of homes in Academy Park?

Academy Park, the first neighborhood in SweetBay, is expected to have 260 homes upon completion.

University Academy

Which schools will serve residents of SweetBay?

University Academy, a highly sought after public charter school, will serve as the SweetBay neighborhood school for grades 4K-8. It currently offers grade 4K-7 and will expand to serve through 8th grade by 2017. Grades 9-12 will be served among the local high schools.

What school district governs SweetBay?

Residents of SweetBay are zoned for Bay District Schools.

Will my child/children have preference for admission if I live at SweetBay?

SweetBay has reserved/allocated a percentage of seats at University Academy for homeowners who would like their children to attend the school.

What is the process for getting my child/children into University Academy?

Once a home is under contract, the parents or families can notify personnel at the SweetBay Welcome Center of their desire for their children to attend University Academy. They will be placed on the priority list on a “first come, first served” basis. Families do still need to complete applications for each eligible child and register their children with Bay District Schools if they are not already Bay County residents.

Is it a public school? How much does University Academy cost?

University Academy is a free public charter school; there is no cost for tuition.

How is University Academy’s performance?

University Academy is a top performing, A rated school.

Home Purchase

Which homebuilders are building in SweetBay?

Samuel Taylor Homes is currently the primary builder in Academy Park, the first neighborhood at SweetBay. Other builders may join the SweetBay team of builders as the community grows.

When will pricing be available?

Home pricing is currently available in the Welcome Center at SweetBay. The Welcome Center is open daily from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday – Saturday and 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm on Sunday.

Will there be homes available on the water?

Select neighborhoods in SweetBay will offer homes with stunning views to the water, but we are preserving the coastline for trails, parks, and public activities.

What do I need to provide to qualify for purchase?

Qualification for purchase will require a pre-qualification from a financial institution and, in most cases, a $5,000 deposit.

Are any homes sold at Academy Park? When can I move in?

The sale of the first homes in the Academy Park neighborhood of SweetBay has begun and we have residents living in the community. The average build out time for a home is 5 to 6 months from purchase—providing all design choices are made on schedule and not changed.