Kids at Community Pool SweetBayKids at Community Pool SweetBay

Life At Sweetbay

At SweetBay, we see things differently. We don’t design homes that are simply lived in. We design homes that inspire. And we build a community around them. Here, neighbors span generations and so do their stories. Because we believe true luxury is knowing what’s really important. And celebrating it. It’s home and family and friendship. It’s morning excursions on the water and sunsets from a neighbor’s porch. It’s parking your car on a Friday afternoon and enjoying a family outing at the pool, a great meal at your favorite restaurant and a sunrise paddle on the bay—without ever once having to put your car in drive.

SweetBay Amenities

  1. University Academy
  2. Trails and Pathways
  3. Neighborhood Parks
  4. Pools and More
  5. Future Town Center
  6. Bay Access
Illustrated Map of SweetBay Community
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Bay Access

Just a short walk from every SweetBay front door, the still waters of North Bay invite paddleboarding, canoeing, kayaking, stargazing or reeling in a glistening speckled trout from the dock. This quiet stretch of the bay is the perfect spot for our planned marina.

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Trails and Pathways

Miles of winding trails, boardwalks and paths were designed for leisurely strolls to bay­side picnics and for beating your best 5k time. A short walk, bike or golf cart ride from your home, SweetBay’s trails have the feel of a state park, where you might casually glimpse blue herons or a bald eagle in their natural habitat.

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University Academy

Imagine waving from your front porch as your kids walk to school . This vision was a part of SweetBay before the first shovel broke ground. University Academy, our neighborhood school, is Florida's 2018 top­-ranking free K­8 public charter school. Attracting highly skilled teachers, University Academy emphasizes evidence­-based extended time on core subjects and individualized instruction. Bringing life to a former airport terminal, the academy is a true testament to architectural design and quality. SweetBay new construction homeowners receive direct admission to University Academy.

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Pools and More

Celebrate warm weather at the refreshing Kestrel Park Pool, just steps from your front door. The pool features a bathhouse, cookout area, fire pit and basketball court that is also equipped for futsal, a fast­-paced soccer game. We’re planning even more pools designed for each stage of life, as the community expands.

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Future Town Center

Picture a storybook midtown hub with boutique grocers, baristas you know by name and the hottest restaurants in town. Now picture yourself living there. SweetBay’s Town Center will feature all of this and more, with doctor’s offices and local shops steps from your front porch. All the more reason for you and your guests to stay at home all weekend long. See what's coming

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Neighborhood Parks

In SweetBay, green spaces are as important as living spaces. That’s why you’ll find green grass parks that overlook your front porch, nature trails that feel like a miniature state park, open spaces where friends gather and state­-of­-the­-art zero­-entry pools. Our parks are natural invitations to unwind, catch up, or toss a football.

Learn, live and thrive in the surrounding community

Here, your family is surrounded by outstanding schools and a vibrant job market. University Academy is part of Bay District Schools, which offers school choice for high school students and is part of the Military Child Education Coalition.

And the opportunities don’t stop there. Panama City’s business district has recently added jobs in aerospace, technology, manufacturing, distribution, logistics, retail and tourism. For those looking for a new interest or hobby, nearby universities and learning institutes offer dozens of courses, field trips and more for lifelong learners.

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