Sweetbay Town Center square Beach community Northwest FloridaSweetbay Town Center square Beach community Northwest Florida

Town Center

Live in the center of it all.

Imagine stepping off your front porch into a morning yoga class, or parking your golf-cart for fresh seafood while the kids wait in line for ice cream.

This is life at SweetBay. Our future Town Center will be perched right in the heart of our community, serving as a gathering place for residents and non-residents alike. Where you can invite over friends and family for the weekend, hit up the best spots in town, and never once move your car from the driveway.

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Sweetbay Town Center Aerial View Beach community Northwest Florida


A place just around the corner from your home where you can find fresh produce, seafood, and a butcher who not only knows your name but also the way you like your steak.

Sweetbay Town Center Market Beach community Northwest Florida

Medical Offices

Imagine taking a trip to the doctor without ever leaving the neighborhood.

Sweetbay Town Center Page Restaurants And Retail Beach community Northwest Florida

Retail & Restaurants

Stroll into a local eatery where the menu is posted fresh daily, or a café where a barista is ready to pour your favorite order before you even get to the counter.

Sweetbay Town Center Doctors Office


For when you have big plans, so do we – including a boutique hotel sitting ready to host your overflow guests.

Sweetbay Town Center Beach community Northwest Florida Hotel
Sweetbay Town Center Beach community Northwest Florida Welcome Center

Welcome Center

Our future welcome center will be surrounded by a green space perfect for hosting food trucks, concerts, a yoga class or a morning farmer’s market.


Watch as we give you a bird's-eye view of how far we have come and where we are going.